About us

Since 2004 "Czajnia" has been consecutively working in the field of community initiatives of various kind. We are an organization full of energy and new ideas. We set ourselves ambitious goals and consistently pursue them. Our aim is to inform, support and motivate. We wholeheartedly create the local social space for the present and future generations.

Our mission

The comprehensive development of local community with particular attention to young people.

We carry out our mission by, inter alia:

  • Promoting and organising volunteering activities
  • Activities designed for sick and disabled people
  • Running scholarship programmes, both for children and adolescents

Account number for donations:

11 1240 2832 1111 0010 0297 6283

NIP : 

921 184 23 09


951 20 90 70


  • Chairman Marcin Rechulicz
  • Vice chairmanJacek Krzaczkowski
  • Vice chairmanLeszek Lichołat